My traveling laptop & company

Preparing the traveling laptop for the trip to Spain and Morocco. Last time I used it was in November, for the Golega Fair in Portugal. I found out that there is an update ( to Yosemite) , downloading as I write.  I am glad I always plan things well ahead of time, because I fear those updates, and if something goes wrong there is plenty of time to send it to assistance.

Next thing that I have to do is to test the traveling HDs, deleting contents, checking the two card readers. Card readers die easily, their cables get paranoid and then the computer doesn’t see them anymore, so I carry two of them, one of them having a firewire cable.

Several passwords have been changed since November, so I also have to check the most used sites and programs (Adobe will have lots of updates to do as well).

LR needs to have the last catalogue deleted.

My MacBook is a 13 inches, which I am glad for when I have to weight the hand luggage, but makes it impossible to do any editing – I love it though, it is fast and reliable.

Nearly done with all this, next step is to Google for “how to protect tripod legs from the desert sand” 😉



I wish you all a great Monday!



2015 will start with Spain and Morocco

So, there we will go, on the road again, traveling and shooting, and cooking, and downloading and driving and enjoying new places and the sunrises, the horses and our friendship.

Lets see if we will not be too tired at night to share our experiences and some photos.

This time in Spain it will be Melis, Nicole, Susan and myself. Only Susan and Nicole will travel with me to Maroc, though.

It wasn’t all that easy to organize things in Maroc but now we seem to have a nice plan for the days we will spend there. Just lets hope everything works out smoothly.

2013-07-24 12.31.04