When you go through such tough two weeks of traveling, it is really important who you travel with, I mean, so many days with a few hours of sleep, lots and I mean LOTS of walking, many hours in the car…. Either the group is well balanced and has common goals and lots of good sense, or the harmony may breake at the first difficulty. Well, we became sisters, and we found two brothers in Morocco, two open minded, altruistic and happy men, our guides. It would have not been the same without them. We saw the unseen country, not the one that tourists normally get to see.

We laughed a lot, sometimes tears would be running, and other times they were even diuretic πŸ˜‰

We tasted so many different things, many of them with lots of spices, but we never had an upset tummy. We drank liters of tea of all sorts, in all sort of places, where sometimes we were the only women, places where a woman had never entered. Again, our guides made us feel safe, cared for us, answered all sorts of questions, like for instance “what do women wear under the djellaba?” πŸ™‚ lol

Susan will soon post a video that we did the last night at Essaouira. Here a photo, shot with the iPad, of our guide Abdul. In fact his name is different, more complicated to write.

I am waiting to board, Nicole has already boarded and Susan will board in three hours or so. There is free wifi at the airport.