Airport of Marrakesh

Just a few info which may  be important for anyone traveling through Marrakesh. First of all, there are lots of shops inside, you can pay with credit card or any of the main currencies, but prices are high if compared with the souks or shops outside the airport. I spent there my last dirhams.

There are endless passport controls before you even get to your gate, be patient, and before you queue for the safety area, you must fill a form, which you find nearby, at your right side. It is not written anywhere that you must do it, so many people have to go back out after a long wait to pick the form and fill it up.

Don’t panic if it is five minutes to boarding time and you don’t see in the boards the number of your gate, it will be a last minute surprise 😉

When you arrive to Marrakesh,  mind the cab drivers, when they see you coming out of the doors they surround you and pull your luggage so that you travel with them. Concurrence made them competitive. Some of the cars are an artwork, put together with wire and with parts falling of, but there are others in good shape. Negotiate the price, and make sure that they understood the address where you want to go.

The airport is nice, but you need to be prepared for a long wait at the passport control depending on the hour of the day. Most people speak French, some speak English.

There is a rather small bar in the other side of the safety area, called Venice something, it has free wifi and the best pastry and it is close to the toilets. Remember to tip the woman in charge of the toilets.