Some important items


There were a few things which really helped us to have a great photo trip both in Spain and in Morocco: let me start the list with the Kata bags, our wonderful backpacks, lightweight and sturdy. Then I would say that our soft shell coats did a great job with wind and rain and rough treatment by inquisitive goats 😉 , specially since we started very early in the morning when it was really chilly.  Also the shoes are very important, and as we did in Brazil, here we used Goretex or similar light mountain shoes – in fact only Susan and Nicole did, as I had forgotten mine when I made the suitcase.

BTW, this is the kind of photo trip for NO MORE then 4 photographers, conditio sine qua non. More than 4 will make the trip useless, as people will hide, get angry or just move away from the group.

Photo by Nicole Racine, shot at the port of Essaouira

Post Scriptum: people asked wich backpack we have, here goes the link: