Interesting… travels from Morocco to London

in Morocco I had to wait several hours before i could enter the secure area.  NO internet so all i could do is shop…. lol anyway after several coffees I finally got to get in line to get my boarding pass.  There in line I met a group of English speaking ladies who travel together in a group called – Woman traveling together-

Well i got on plane to Spain a few also were on that flight, than in Madrid continued talking to one gal that was traveling on to London to meet her husband for a week there.  Karen is from Estes Park, Co. I found out and we sat and yapped waiting for our flight to Heathrow.   The funny thing is once at Heathrow, we realized we both had the SAME car there to pick up up and take us to our hotels….Which in the end happened to be only a few blocks from each other!  Small World!!! it really is !  Was nice meeting you Karen!


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Susan N.