Back home

It is always the same when I get home. Finally I get the awareness of being exhausted, and finally I see the photos in a real monitor and I think about the errors I made, and how I could’ve avoided them if just…

This time I even managed to delete a folder from two disks, my main traveling disk and its brother, the backup disk. Mistakes are easier to make when you are tired and you need to sleep and you want to transfer everything to your home storage asap. I got everything back, but the trauma was huge, the feeling that I had lost all that work (under the rain, feet wet, wind blowing rain in my lens), ahaha 🙂

This time I also fel that I learned so much with this trip, also while I did the organization it was such a lesson… mission impossible, for both countries, Spain and Morocco, so many difficulties that I had promised myself never to repeat the experience. Once there the challenges were resized to what they really were: a nuisance, who cares, lets have fun and enjoy the trip, and our friendship.

I learned so much in Moroco about things that we take for granted, and also how many stupid prejudices I had. Stupid me.

I also came to the conclusion, once again, than to take decent photos you need beforehand to study the country, the culture, the music, etc. I was so glad that I am fluent in French, several times, when I felt that I really needed to communicate without our guides help.

I must say that I loved Morocco, at least the area of Essaouira, and next time I will also travel to the desert. I don’t really care about shooting horses, not my priority anymore in that country, as I found that I love to take photos of donkeys much more, because they live a real life, they are important for the community, they are the real heroes. They have all my respect. They suffer, they forgive, they work, they adapt themselves, they are the spirit of Africa, where they came from.