Up and out early first day in Morocco!

We got up early this morning to meet our guide Abdelghani for our trek in Morocco!  One of our first stops along the way was in a weekly open market.  Amazing to see!  Since my iPhone seems to come out only when we eat!!!! Here it goes!  I do promise to add photos of the market as soon as they get uploaded. (They are in real camera) 

very much a staple here, it is poured from high above to create  bubbles to make it  foam.

very much a staple here, it is poured from high above to create bubbles to make it foam.

Abdelghani went to one of the venders selling meat, buys it then brings it to one of the men that grill on the main road of market.   We had beef liver, kidney and heart and the other plater was sheep.   Was amazing you eat with your hands, grab a piece of flat bread and use it to pick up the meat, dip in salt and cumin.  

Before and after you eat you pour water over your hands and wash them again to rinse.   

Susan 🙂

Hail the cab!!! We arrived!

Well we arrived safely in Moracco! The hotel did not have a shuttle from the airport so we had to get a cab, omg leave it to Paula to haggle down the price!  Lol omg she at one time had 50 cabbies working her…. Or was she working them😝

haha they had to tie the trunk down!!!! Omg we were dying laughing!!!!  But when we arrived to the hotel we decided all was good!!

Goodbye house

We are ready to leave the house that hosted us for a full week. In this house, just like for Alhambra 😉 it is all about water. 😉 and the Jacuzzi, which is the most powerful part of the big hamman-style bathroom downstairs, will stay in our memory :-). The swimming pool smiled as I went past with my suitcase, small wrinkles of mockery on its surface. 

Let a new chapter start, next place for us is Marrakesh, Morocco, Africa.

When something is so great you must repeat it!

ok we went (how many kilometers Nicole?) out of the way home to return to our favorite place to eat in Spain.  

Omg this food is to die for!!!  I think I need to come back to Spain just for this!

this is not a dead policeman it called. Iberian ham and its tasty!!

crap, the food was so good we forgot to take photos!!!!  Oh no !  Well here is the desert plate.

This is our great waiter Alvaro!  He speaks English too!! And picked my food for me ! As you see was so great you did not get to see it! Next time!  

Time for us to say good bye for the night !

Yes I am signing this Paula!!!!!

Susan Noeller

Lazy morning

Today we had decided that we would sleep till later and prepare our suitcases and equipment to travel to Morocco, so we have been lazy, we took our time to just enjoy the house and also to rest.  Finally we had time to check the photos of the Spanish part of our trip.

This afternoon we will visit Grenada and spend the afternoon there.

I must say that one of the highlights of our trip was the School at Cordoba, and the people who ride there and the people who run it. We will never be able to thank them enough.

Here I will post just a couple of images, surely not the best ones, just for you to “feel” the mood of that place.Silhouette of PRE in the manège