Loaded with fun

Interesting how those three days in Morocco were so full of emotions, how in such a short time we shot some of our best photos ever.
No, it was not the “wormwood” tea, no kidding, it was our own energy, which instead of decreasing after our 12 long days of photo adventure, which had started in Spain, was still increasing in the last days, in Morocco. We felt good, we worked/walked a lot, we laughed so much that I don’t remember doing so since I was a teenager. We were happy.
We were also tired at times, specially since we were slightly sleep deprived 😉 due the fact that in Spain we arrived late at night and still had to cook, do the laundry and download photos, and we left early in the morning every day, and in Morocco because we went to so many places and shot so many photos that it took us forever to download and backup everything!

We got rain, but with the rain we also got a soft diffusion filter and an exceptional light, and the feeling of re-birth, springtime…
We felt blessed every day for the fact that we could share such a trip, and take such extraordinary images.

An argan tree loaded with fruits, sorry, goats :-)

An argan tree loaded with fruits, sorry, goats 🙂