Frequent travelers with short arms ALERT

This post is about frequent travelers with short arms alert, and no, no photos to show this time 🙂

Travelling has its problems.

For example, I would love to be teletransported to my destination and avoid long waits at the airport, and above all to avoid the drama of the moment when they weigh the hand luggage, you precious, swollen backpack with the cameras and computer inside. Sigh. That is how I got my gray hairs. 😦
While I understand that there must be a difference of times according to the geographic location of my destination, and I accept the fact that often there is a different currency and  also the language is not the same, honestly I can not tolerate the fact that the electrical outlets in each country are so different as well as the voltage. WHY? WHY in hell can’t people make them all the same, what is the problem?
No comments about the fact that in some countries you have to drive the car on the other side of the road and do the round abouts the opposite way. I have removed that trauma from my memory.
I also find slightly annoying that it is winter in the south, while in the north  it’s summer, because it is kind of funny to arrive from Brazil in short sleeves and summer trousers while at the airport in Milan is snowing. Jumping up and down in the car parking to warm yourself up, while the freezing cold gives a warning of urgency to your bladder.
But the most awful thing is the shower. The evil shower with its two taps is a clear  evidence of the existence of a plot against  frequent travelers. By convention the hot water comes out of the left tap, which also has a red dot, while the tap at the right has a blue dot and cold water comes out. That is accepted as a conventional rule of good sense.
For some reason  sometimes in the hotels you will open the cold water tap, the one with a blue dot in your right side,  and a jet of boiling water will invest you, and this is not  good news, because it would take someone with a long arm to close it, and therefore allow you to reach the tap to regulate the water at a proper temperature. You will have a few options, maybe the easiest way out would be you go to call the reception to get someone brave enough to help, or … call in the tall (handsome) guy next door, who you only met for a fraction of a second in the lift? There is also the possibility, if you are a determined person,  to get the umbrella from the very bottom of the suitcase, wear your raincoat and gloves and dive for the tap in the steamy bathroom?
Sigh. The universal conspiracy against frequent travellers with short arms.

Now you understand why there are no photos for this post 😉