Azore Island – SÃO MIGUEL – Portugal, post by Susan Noeller

Centered in the North Atlantic….is a grouping of 9 islands called the Azores.  All the nine islands of the Azores Archipelago are  volcanic origin.   I personally think this is like the perfect place on the earth!  hahah    Beautiful!  nice weather all year, not a lot of tourists.  Life is great here!  People are amazing!   Wow!   This first island is called  – SÃO MIGUEL, We hired a guide and went fishing.   Cody caught a White Marlin, the first day.  These are difficult to catch as they are wise to the bait on the fishing poles.   The second day he caught barracuda.


IMG_3485IMG_3487 White Marlin being cleaned, filets. They took to the restaurant to cook up. The rest goes to feed area people that could use a bit of help.  Cody is eating the freshest Sushi he has ever had  lol