The Vassey’s RV Trek Across the USA

We left Maine on September 5, 2015, in our RV to travel across the country to California with the goal of attending two 50 yr class reunions for Bud, the husband.  Our trip out to CA took us across the most southern edge of the US – lush southern climate with high humidity, a night in Galveston, TX, on the gulf coast, another stop at Alpine, TX.  It was neat that the unexpected stay in Alpine allowed time for me to visit one of my FB friends, photographer Rachael Waller, at her ranch.  After traveling through desert scenery and across the coastal mountains, we arrived in San Diego for our first extended stay and the first reunion.  San Diego offers much to see including Balboa Park with many museums and the beautiful San Diego Zoo.



Since leaving San Diego we entered the Mojave Desert, the largest desert in North America.  As the west has been in a severe drought for an extended period, the scenery is a lot of varying shades of brown interspersed with bits of green.  There are areas that are heavily irrigated to grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables.  Although stark I see the desert as a different type of beauty.  In one of the photos you will see the Joshua Tree, a type of yucca plant that defines the Mojave Desert – considered a high desert as it is mostly very much above sea level.  One known national park within the Mojave is Death Valley, the only area below sea level.

Joshua trees parched hills


Ann M Vassey, a Friend & Fellow Photographer

Photo trip to Iceland NEXT year

If you have been following my blogs you probably know that I am organizing two photo trips to Iceland in the month of June 2016.

The second group is fully booked, while I still have two vacant slots for the first group.

Each group is of 8 people only, so that we can get the most of it. Iceland is a beautiful country, with lots of photo opportunities and we will be focusing mainly in landscapes but also we will have a day and a night (with the “midnight sunset” and all) around Icelandic horses.

Our local guide is also a great photographer who knows all about the best places, including some secret locations, and as it always happens during my photo trips, we have a FB group to learn about art and culture of that beautiful country. The more we will know about it, the better our photos will be.

If you are interested on knowing more about this, please email me or send me a pvt msg in FB.