Photo trip to Iceland NEXT year

If you have been following my blogs you probably know that I am organizing two photo trips to Iceland in the month of June 2016.

The second group is fully booked, while I still have two vacant slots for the first group.

Each group is of 8 people only, so that we can get the most of it. Iceland is a beautiful country, with lots of photo opportunities and we will be focusing mainly in landscapes but also we will have a day and a night (with the “midnight sunset” and all) around Icelandic horses.

Our local guide is also a great photographer who knows all about the best places, including some secret locations, and as it always happens during my photo trips, we have a FB group to learn about art and culture of that beautiful country. The more we will know about it, the better our photos will be.

If you are interested on knowing more about this, please email me or send me a pvt msg in FB.