Traveling has some down sides

I am right now flying from Lisbon to Milan, somewhere over the South of France.  

There are a few things that I find quite irritating while I travel, the first of them being that over Europe the companies don’t allow you to connect to Internet during the flight. Senseless. If you can do it in the U.S. flights, and you don’t risk interfering with the airplane system, why should it be different in Europe.

Another moment terribly irritating if when at the airport you see a sign “free ilimited wifi” and then you find out that to be able to connect, you must first give to the provider all personal info including color of underwear, shoes size and favorite position in bed.  

To conclude I will spare a word about the free sample sachets of soap, shampoo, etc. They are planned in such a way that when you look at them they appear to be inocent and easy to open. Then they wait till you are under the shower and let you find out that they are impossible to open with your wet hands or with your teeth. You try opening with all your strength to the point of hurting your elbow in the cabin wall and getting a startling electric shock going from your elbow all the way to your shoulder. You then  start searching with your eyes desperately for a blade of some kind in the bathroom, and you will either use the toilet paper holder when it has a sharp part, or you are forced to migrate back to the bedroom leaving a trail of water and bad words all the way to your purse, where you keep the car keys, which are often the only tool you have available in the whole room.

Don’t let free internet providers and parfumerie free samples fool you. You are a traveler, you know better 😉