2016 starts with Morocco

Hopefully this year will bring me and some friends three great photo trips: Morocco ( we are leaving next week), Iceland in June and India (Rajastan) in the end of October.
It is always very exciting to prepare a trip, to organize details, to look a million times at the maps, checking the distances, checking sunrise and sunset time at the locations – but the adrenaline kicks in the moment we land in the country we are visiting. It is addicting, overwhelming.
It is difficult to explain how it feels, that explosion of feelings, ideas, hopes, and friendship when we meet and we try to put our ideas in words.
This trip next week has two amazing events happening: on the 25th Susan and Stacey will be busy shooting (with a camera) twenty dogs to fund a big vet bill, still to be paid, for some street dogs in the Medina which were injured by cars or are needing surgery.
Next day we will be holding a three hours seminar about the sustainable management of working donkeys and mules, the poorest of the poor, a rough life of hard work and a terrible death when they get older or too lame to work.
But lets get back to my next trip and its preparation. One suitcase ready, second suitcase with donations nearly ready, iPad cleaned with Phone Clean, copy of passport and copy of air tickets and insurance papers in Dropbox, I just registered with the Italian Foreign Office for this trip, and I will have to decide if I need to take waterproof shoes or not, and check if my credit card works ( last time it didn’t).
My camera is still in Milan to be double checked again, as I feel that there is something not right ( I don’t like the noise).
Then a haircut and a deep cleaning of my photographic equipment and I will be READY to go. Inshallah.