My suitcase

I am just not able to pack light.

I need to learn that from Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore, absolutely.

The problem with the way I pack is that I take just about everything, to be able to be prepared in case of just any kind of emergency, from an earthquake to an attack from Mars. 😉

So, I really carry everything in my suitcase and nearly as much in my BOF vest pockets, but when I desperately need something, lets say like an antibiotic, I have so much stuff that I am not able to find it. I will only find it two years later in some invisible pocket or mixed up with my sewing kit – and you can guess the reason why I only find it two years later

File 20-03-16, 10 18 33.

This time it will be different, I will try to be wiser and pack light,  but I bet there will be an alien attack or a lion hiding under my bed, or I will get lost in the desert, or some other catastrophe and I will not be able to find the tools I need because I left them at home, to pack light 😉

Keep me in your thoughts.