Packing for Morocco Again!

This trip I have got rid of the BIG Duffle bag as, YES it was one, not two, but very heavy and annoying as all get out.  NOT to mention I was the “Butt of the Joke”  when trying to get that damn thing up narrow steep stairways.   These are my new travel bags.  BLUE yes easy to spot at baggage claim too!        My lil girl here Clo is going to miss me, already starting to put her nose up at me and sulk.   😦

So basically this is my TEST Blog to get me back into my Blogggggging Bliss!   Let’s just hope for Data now.  Last time I really needed Data and not one place could get me hooked up correct.    Now if Paula was there with me it would have been fine,  but as is was and will be again.   I am traveling 2 days prior to their arrival and will NEED my phones TRANSLATOR!     So… I will hope this time I have better success!

Please do check here or on our Face Book accts as we will be sharing our travels and experiences with you how ever they may turn out!   😛    Normally  we do try to have as much fun and make the stories as silly as we experience them!

Hugs for now !   Tomorrow I will finish my odds and ends shopping.  The weather looks like it will be Cool there in the evenings.  60’s – low 80’s through the week.    So yes.. packing for an army!

Susan Noeller