Dog Days –


After picking up Stacey from the Airport we headed over to meet up with Rachel Blech to participate in a fund raising event to help raise funds for homeless dogs. This is a statement on Rachel’s page the day after shooting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “A BIG FURRY THANK YOU to all the dogs and owners that took part in today’s GOOD-DOG FRIDAY fundraising photo-shoot. Special thanks to Susan Noeller and Stacey for donating their valuable time and professional expertise and took such lovely photos. The official photos will be on Facebook as soon as Susan gets a chance to do some downloading at a decent internet speed! Until then – here are some snaps taken on my phone this afternoon. GOOD NEWS: 4,500dhs was raised in donations from those who came and those who pledged their support. GGGGRRRRREAT! Thanks to you all!!!”   

Was great fun really enjoyed meeting everyone and their owners too  đŸ˜‰   We are so pleased to be able to help raise funds for such a great cause.  Stacey and I worked like a fine oiled machine, as I shot, she quickly sorted, did a quick edit and handed  off the thumb drives with loaded images to the participants.

Susan Noeller

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