Your models are not props

Your models, humans and horses, are not props.

First of all you must try to communicate with them so that they feel comfortable around you, and you should respect their feelings and their needs.

Your models have names, a story, and maybe suggestions or objections. Respect them. Be kind. They are not props and they are not disposable. They get tired, they may be thirsty, they are not props.


Yassine adjusting a bit (thank you for all your help and supervision))




Tea time has its rituals

Don’t judge them, and be aware of their limits.

Try to find other forms of beauty that are not documented in your “book of clichè”  photos, overused and stereotyped. Try to document with originality to get a real impact.


Quoting Gerard de Neval  “The first man who compared woman to a rose was a poet, the second, an imbecile.”