Challenges to get “focused” ;-)

That shoot had started with Stacey getting really great photos while Susan and myself we were not able to get focused (pun intended). We had two riders with their horses and Yassine, who was of tremendous help there.


Yassine helping us to communicate with the riders

The spot where we were has lots of hard light and deep shades, but we liked it.

I was getting frustrated, as there were no objective difficulties on what we were shooting, and I don’t normally chimp but I could feel that I was not going anywhere. It was really frustrating.

Then  I asked for a five minutes break to recollect myself and get back on track. Stacey was very generous and didn’t complain about interrupting a shoot which was going very well for her. Quite often when you interrupt the rhythm during a shoot, you risk to “miss the train”, if things are going very well. Still, Stacey accepted to stop for a few minutes.

From the moment we re-started we went wild with challenging ourselves with tricky stuff, like this one. AF hates this kind of situations, and also the light was more difficult than you can see from the image. That challenge sort of woke me up and helped me to get “focused” again, and made me find a key for the problems which were emerging every couple of seconds.

It is a great feeling to shoot with people who are in syntony!

Paula da Silva