Being inside a postcard

Do you know those chiché postcards with beautiful sunsets over the sea?

Well, sunsets in the south coast of Morocco have the same feeling. The sun goes down fairly fast, and the sky gets orange to the point that if you were in front of your monitor, you would desaturate a bit to make it more realistic. But it is orange for real, and sometimes even reddish, and the wet sand mirrors with just the right amount of clarity and the sand is made of small grains that make your  steps feel like if you were having an intense foot massage.

It is not Paradise, though. Stray dogs are to be seen often in the beach, the ones that didn’t fall in the poison traps that the locals and the authorities put everywhere – instead of spaying and neutering.

But for a moment, that day, I just forgot about everything else and I let my thoughts go out with the waves, while our friend Abdul cooled down a sweated horse, and a heart shaped formation of pink flamingos flew above us, going for their night place before the sun disappeared behind the post card.

Paula da Silva


Inside our personal realistic postcard