During the day, and also sometimes during the night, there is the light. We look for the light, we need the light.

There are many kinds of light, some are soft and subtle like the light over a lake in a foggy day, some are blueish and gloomy like when it has been raining for days, but  there is also the hard light of the central hours of the day in a sunny country,  and the gorgeous sunrise and sunset light when the weather is good.

We are light hunters, we need light to be creative, sometimes even a candle, or the headlights of a car will be enough, other times we need to search in the shades for places where to do a portrait or for a stone where to sit and wait for the good light to arrive behind a tree or over the hill. We need the shades as much as we need the lights.

Shades and shadows are also our friends. Shades give the 3D effect, the illusion of “being there”, and shades can be tamed in many ways to serve us,  or we can just take advantage of them.

Shades make it possible for us to see the lights. Shades make us have a term of comparison. Shades are mistery, evil, sadness, distressed old age, poverty.

We are light hunters, though. Shades are often seen  just as a consequence, or like a side effect, and sometimes a nuisance.

Paula da Silva


Lights and shades are complementary, not the opposites