Donkeys were first tamed 5000 years ago in Africa ( Magreb) and they made since then a big difference in the modus vivendi of the local rural population. They were small, harmless, easy to handle, they didn’t eat or drink much, and they were very patient, and that is how it all started.

Surah 16:8 :

“And (HE has created) horses and mules and donkeys that you might ride upon them and as an ornament; and HE Creates what you do not know.”

Donkeys and all other creatures were created by the God, and they were created perfect and they should be respected not for rhetorical reasons, but  for logic reasons.


They are left tethered for the whole day in places with no grass and no water, under the African sun

In fact, donkeys are often mistreated, no respect is shown,  and they spend their whole life working hard for their owners, and unfortunately many start working when they are just one or two years of age, carrying a heavy burden for 30 or more years, also in a metaphoric way.

They spend every day of their lives tethered, from when they are just a few days old until they are left to die in the side of a road. Freedom is a word that does not exist, even for a very short period, like 5 minutes in 30 years.
You can see them often with no water and no food, left in the harsh sun for the day.
If you want to help the donkeys in Morocco, S.P.A.N.A and Jarjeer are wonderful orgs