Today we….

Today we walked and walked and walked, from our apartments in the downtown Rejkjavik ( I surely misspelled it) to the port, to lunch at a very special restaurant which our cultural mediator Francesco advised us. Well, we had the best lobster soup ever, and it was well worth walking all that way.

After lunch we had a briefing in the house and after that some of us went to sleep and are still sleeping, while others went to a wine store and they were not seen again, and a small group stayed awake and took the sun in the balcony, and  lots of talk going on…

Tomorrow morning early our guide is joining us, along with our driver, and the plan is to go south east.

The sun over here stays up for 22 hours the day, or more, so I will just put on my sleeping eye mask, after closing the black curtains and finishing preparing the table for our breakfast tomorrow 🙂  The word “night” has now a new meaning 😉