The weather in Iceland, and more

The weather in Iceland can be notoriously variable, but we were quite lucky as we got mostly sunny days, but sometimes the wind asked for neck warmers and gloves, and we were glad to have lightweight and warm windproof jackets.

Even in good weather you can expect that there will be wind, Iceland is a windy place. And the wind will always have the effect that it seems colder than the actual temperature.


Bud during the whale watching tour, wearing alpaca gloves, hat and neck warmer

There was no real night time as the sun pretended to go down but got up after an hour or so, making it unreal to see that there was no real “night” darkness outside. Curtains in the rooms helped a lot to achieve some sleep, together with eye masks, as our brain tends to keep us awake if it there is no “night”.


Above a photo of myself trying to keep warm after a shoot, the win made us feel like if it was colder than it really was, and after shooting Icelandic horses for a couple of hours when the adrenaline decreased I started feeling the wind gusts.

We dressed in layers and sometimes we would wear just the base layer and a short sleeves shirt, while other times we were glad for three layers, one of them water and windproof.

I wore alpaca socks, I got them from this site – I love them as my feet are always warm, comfortable and never get humid:

and RR514 Boho Cable Cowl RG513 Boho Cable Wrist Warmer

I also got gloves and neck warmer from that same site, and so did Bud and Ann. Lightweight, easy to pack, easy to wash and dry and very very warm. For the first time I didn’t feel itchy from the direct contact with wool, I am in love with those alpaca products.

I thank Manuel Buzio for all advise about what to wear in Iceland.


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  1. Looks like it was an amazing experience from all accounts.
    I have an alpaca toque and mittens that Joel bought for me a few years ago and i LOVE them. Warmest things I’ve ever owned. Local breeders here have alpacas and a three local shops sell their goods and wool.

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