Traveling to Iceland with my Personal Viking

by Ann Vassey

I have had the opportunity to travel on a couple of photography tours but my Viking, alias my husband, Bud Vassey, has always elected to stay at home.  However when I told him about the visit to Iceland, he decided that he would love to come also.  Of course he needed Paula’s approval.

images from Ann Vassey

my husband and personal Viking

Traveling with your spouse is a bit different than going alone.  Initially you have to remember to double all the planning that you do in advance.  While one could say that the responsibility is extra work, you also have a known companion when you arrive at your destination.  Sometimes you have a ready consultant on how best to make that shot.


Bud helping me with a long exposure photo



Bud is an excellent photographer on his own.  In fact he was the key person in getting me started in photography with a gift of my very first film Nikon.  He  continues to be my most constant photography companion and my person to discuss techniques when I need some ideas and assistance.

Bud 3.jpg

Bud loves photography

It was good for me to also have someone to help me to walk up & down those hills and to continue on some longer walks.  I also enjoyed seeing that he was having a good time with the group and taking his own photos.


Now that we are home, we can talk about our experience, how much we both love Iceland.  We also have a larger group of mutual friends.  Now when I talk about Paula, Susan and the other photography friends, he gets it.

Ann Vassey