Yesterday, all my trouble…

Early in the morning there was a strong wind from the Sahara, Paola’s car had sand in the windshield and rooftop, and the day was cloudy ( and very windy).

I am in Sicily, and yesterday I went to two beautiful places in Catania, well worth visiting: the Istituto de Incremento Ippico and its farm, Ambelia. It was a great morning and a great afternoon. The photos are by my friend Salvatore, who helped me a lot all day along, as did the staff of the Istituto, whom I thank a lot for their hard work in such a hot day ( 32 C ).


at the Istituto de Incremento Ippico, shooting an Oriental Thouroughbred horse, a breed very close to the Arabian

After visiting the Istituto, where I got photos of some Oriental Thoughroubreds, we had lunch and then drove to Ambelia, the property where the mares are kept, along with some stallions at stud.

I am thinking about planning a workshop/photo trip here, Sicily is beautiful, a bit too warm during the summer but perfect in the Autumn.


Oriental Thouroughbred mare at Ambelia, beautiful farm

So, tired and happy I returned to Messina, where I am based while in Sicily, and all was well when my ipad died, dead, kaput. BAD feeling. No Internet connection anymore except in some places with wifi, where I can use my computer to check the mail, etc, like I am doing now. I felt lost, but only for a short moment, as the bad news were not finished. My flight home was canceled due to a strike, and the only flight available will be late at night tomorrow.

So, here I am in Sicily, for two more days, and without Internet. I will survive, hopefully 😉