The more I edit the more my desire grows, by Margreet Schouren

Beautiy in man


There are still many places in the world I would love to visit, explore & feel.

I am so grateful for the life I have the talent I got and the help I got, of the best in the world, to expand my talent.
Being able to feed my family with that talent makes me humble.

As a tourist there are many places we could visit observe like an outsider, lovely safe relaxing.
My job gives me the opportunity to skip the superficial conversations go strait to the centre of the subject, that is what I love about my job,it feeds my hunger for information. I believe knowledge is the first step to truly understand what is going on in the world.

The “On Focus” approach is even one step ahead on that, by traveling a part of the world like we do it, long days, travel many miles, pressure on delivering stuf not just look at a situation, welcomed in the life of the people who love and live in that part of our beautiful world, is insanely intense. A real challenge but a even bigger opportunity, the opportunity for me to share the culture, my experience and the love of the people we meet.

By telling that story true, along with my Art & share it with the world. The common love and interest of the beauty of the horses is what makes us able to connect real fast, but the On Focus adventures are just as much about the people and their vision on our world as it is about their horses.

As I am editing the pictures, I get more and more overwhelmed by the beauty and passionateness of Sicily. The need to share that with others is getting bigger every day. Regretting the pictures I didn’t take by being overwhelmed, the little pieces I miss to be able to tell the story a bit better, is annoying, I am sure many photographers have had that same experience. It does proof the importance of a good scouting and it eases the pain a bit to keep in mind that this was just the scouting that the real thing is still about to happen.

By editing my pictures the desire to go back to that beautiful and wild Sicily grows and grows, I am counting the days!

Yours, Margreet