Sicily, can’t wait to go back (Margreet Schouren)

Last september I fell in love with Sicily, taken by the beautiful landscape and the familiar smell of Italy, but a somehow different culture . I loved the food and the rough nature of this beautiful island.

Makes that I am counting the days to go back and take full advantage of the place and the scenery.

I hadn’t realized how different Sicily was from Italy. To me that Island is THE place to be and to experiment some photographic ideas we struggle  with for a long time but never take the time to truly explore all the possibilities. It is a place for creatives and for visual artists.

When we traveled in Brazil for example the driving between our locations was a challenge I enjoyed a lot, but the downside was that there was not a lot of time to think and plan some shoots and ideas. The lovely thing about Sicily is that it gives the adventurous feeling without the long  drives, so it leaves us a lot of time to explore our minds and abilities.

As we grow in photography and age we realize there is so much more to explore, and so many challenges to create for our selves in order to make us grow as photographers.


I am looking forward to work in Sicily on more themed photography with expositions and publications on mind. How to create a series of pictures to be able to use in many different ways. Being able to travel with other experienced professional photographers makes it so much fun to explore and trigger each other to think out of the box stimulate to even bigger creativity.

In Sicily we will be shooting the lovely Sicilian horses and people but we also have time to visit the lovely UNESCO places and catch the real Island historic mood, the melting pot of cultures, and be so close to Africa and at the same time so European


Sicily On Focus will be held in the end of April, for a small group of 4 selected photographers and it will last 10 days. Paula da Silva will lead the photographic tour of one of the most beautiful places in Europe: Sicily.